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1827 E. Enke Dr., Tucson, AZ  85721
  Hillenbrand Panoramic View
 ANNOUNCEMENTS - 6:58am Thursday February 22, 2018
*    FIN FEBRUARY: Every Friday in February!!! Week of 2/19/18: M-W-F 5:30am & 12:00pm, T & Th 7:00am & 12:00pm. Sat 2/24/18 = 8:00am, Evening practices have been canceled until further notice. Return here for updates.
*    Recent Pool Temperatures: Thu 2/22 Wed 2/21 Tue 2/20 Mon 2/19 Sat 2/17
*    Hillenbrand Pool 80.985.183.683.683.6
*    Kasser Family Pool 83.883.884.385.184.2

*    Ford Registration / Online Payment. Once you're on the website, scroll down to the 5Masters area to view the various options/links.

*    Ford Aquatics Masters April Newsletter

*    The Ford Aquatics Masters normal weekly training plan is
          Mornings: M-W-F 5:00am, T & TH 5:30am
          Mid day: M-W-F 12:00pm, T & TH 11:00am
          Evenings: Monday thru Friday 7:00pm
          Saturdays: TBA (usually 1 practice in the morning)
*    M = aerobic free/pull, T = i.m./kick, W = sprint/fins-pdls., TH = combo, F = aerobic free/pull, SA = VO2max/kick
*    For insurance reasons, all Ford Masters swimmers must have a current 2017 US Masters Swimming membership *   
*   (USMS). As you go through the online registration process, our club is Arizona Masters (ARIZ) and our workout group is 
*   Ford Aquatics (FORD).
*    Generally practice will not be canceled due to U of A games without notification at this website and at practice, however; 
      parking may be restricted on game days. Plan ahead! Check the U of A game schedules with the following link: UA Game Schedule
*    Where is Hillenbrand Aquatic Center?
*    Questions? If you can't find the answer here, ask one of the coaches at practice or send an email to Jim's Email
Jumping Dolphin 1
Jumping Dolphin 2